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How to earn 40 bucks an hour just by testing web site ?

How to earn 40 bucks an hour just by testing web site ?

If you are looking for a passive income 40 dollars per hour yes it is possible thanks to user tests, how?
In this article I will explain how and how specialized websites work by watching videos and testing web sites as well as different strategies to increase your profits by using reliable and solvent website.

The first site is Try my

How to make money at home by testing websites on TryMyUI?

Step 1: Registration on the website

Try my

Full Name
Email ID
Password on TryMyUI website
Email address to which the PayPal account is linked.
Activation confirmation link
Your TryMyUI account is now registered successfully.

Step 2: Connection
click on "Become a tester" at the top right of the displayed page.

Try my

Step 3: Demographic questionnaire
You will see a demographic questionnaire. You will have to fill in this

Try my

Step 4: Qualification test
After answering the quiz session, you will be taken to the qualification test page.

Try my

Step 5: Download a screenshot app
You must download the provided screen capture application and install it on your computer, tablet or smartphone then start the test.

 Try my

Step 6: Start the test
The website will guide you through your first video test and instructions that will be provided before you begin. The duration of the test does not exceed 20 minutes.

Try my

Once you start testing either a website or an application, the Screen Recorder starts recording your observations, opinions, criticisms, flaws, strengths, weaknesses, desing, broken pages ....

Try my

Step 7: finished test
After providing your remarks, you click on the completed registration button and submit it and wait 24 hours for confirmation by the website.
Once you have passed the qualifying test, you receive e-mails to test applications and web sites by following the instructions of the test, the result of your work is displayed on your dashboard accepted or rejected.

 Try my

The website pays $ 10 per 15-20 minute test.
Benefits of the TryMyUI website:
For hearing no time limit with fast approval, short time to start passing the tests.
The site is fast and the configuration of the software requires technical knowledge.

TryMyUI - $10 Per Test | Get Paid For Testing Websites, Apps and Msite 

After having exposed step by step the operation of the website TryMyUI, it is time to make a comparison with other web site of the same niche.

2- UserTesting


This website pays $ 10 per 20-30 minute test. Unlike other sites, they also offer shorter tests at a test rate of $ 3 per 5 minutes. You will need to download the UserTesting software and audition to get started.
Advantages :
This website offers short tests that pays $ 3 per 5 minutes.
Hearing is easy and you immediately receive emails to begin testing.
You have to wait several days for your first test given the number of testers.

3- Userlytics:


This website pays $ 10 per test of 10 to 20 minutes.
Advantages :
Quick and easy registration and open to people from all countries, no prior hearing.
Some customers of this site require that the person who tests a video of his face.
Many testers that customers and payment depends on the validation and opinion of these customers.

4- validately.


This website works differently from other test websites, it pays $ 5 for 5-minute tests or $ 25 for 25-minute tests.
Advantages :
Easy hearing, earning a dollar a minute.
Live tests only but with a wait that can exceed 10 days.

For more money-saving methods click here 

jeudi 20 juin 2019

AdFeedz earn money and boost the rank of your website

how earn with AdFeedz?

Today in this article I will show you how to make money and get free referrals while increasing visitor traffic to your website.
AdFeedz is the best free site for making money while surfing, registration is free and only takes 5 minutes to complete the registration steps:
E-mail adress
Password and confirm the link via mailbox.
Check and then you start the path of making money.

AdFeedz earn money

How to win on AdFeedz?

The first method: earn free credits
Either surfing the sites in a frame or in a new tab or reading offers.

The second method: earn rewards
Either using the chances reversed Flip Card game; either via the cash link by looking at the payment links or writing an article on AdFeedz and publishing it on a blog or website, then placing the full URL of the article to generate money.
Registration here

This is not a very effective 90 percent sponsorship system to maximize your cash earnings on 10 levels: 8% at 1st level, 2% at 2nd level and 1% for the rest of the levels; with other promotional tools: banners, promotional text, email, rotator Splash pages.
The site offers you several bonuses for the tasks for example: to be paid for the addition of the first banner ...

The third method: gain traffic for your site
If you own a site or blog is you need targeted visitors the AdFeedz website offers you several tools for your advertising companion (banner, network ads based on PPC, text ads) whose purpose is to have a number unlimited unlimited impressions and clicks.

The fourth method: Benefit from marketing tools
Save your time by using the marketing tools offered by the AdFeedz website; URL rotator to promote ten different referral / affiliate links with a single URL.
Use page generator to promote your sites or your blog.
Display a sticky note with your personalized message to increase visitor appeal, only for websites that run in Frame.
Payment threshold: $ 10 via Perfect Money, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay and Coin Payment.

Step-By-Step Daily Instructions - Free Daily Website Traffic & Earn | AdFeedz

samedi 8 juin 2019

Win money by using the best 20 alternatives to AdSense for beginners

How to make money using advertising agencies alternative to Google Adsence?

Adsence is the best monetization program for blogs and sites, but there are alternatives to Google Adsence for a novice blogger.
In this article I will present the best advertising agencies alternative to Adsence, the strengths and weaknesses of these advertising agencies. is a contextual advertising network of Yahoo and Bing existing since 2010 that offers paid ads.
So a market of more than $ 7 billion for publishers, whatever your niche content D2S ads will be inserted on your blog or website, which allows a good targeting ads and therefore higher revenues.
Payment 100 dollars paypal or bank transfer.

2-Amazon Display Ads

This is an advertising program by Amazon, you will earn money if your blog is visited by Internet users from the United States and Europe, using Amazon Affiliate and Native Shopping Ads and CPM.
Bank transfer
Amazon Gift Cards


It is an income generating advertising program but requires a traffic of more than 50,000 views per month.
The minimum payment is $ 20, and after 35 days, you are paid at the end of the month via PayPal, Bank Transfer and ACH.


It's a perfect advertising program for a blog that connects a business or ecommerce site with a profit by making affiliate sales.
The payment is a commission ranging from 25% to 75% via PayPal minimum 10 dollars.

5- Skimlinks

It's a program that converts outbound links into affiliate links and you earn money on every sale.

The payment is a commission ranging from 25% to 75% via PayPal minimum 10 dollars.

This is an excellent advertising program for beginner bloggers with good CPM and Pop ads to get a good CTR and make a lot of money.
Payment from 1 dollar via Paypal.

It's an innovative network with web push notification in addition to classic ads depending on the nature of your blog with a minimum payment of $ 25 via Paaypal.

It is an advertising network with more than 2400 publishers that serve ads from leading Microsoft, Land Rover, Nissan, AT & T, Kraft, Campbells and Jet Blue advertisers with a payout starting at $ 50 via PayPal.

It's an advertising network founded in 2010 that connects agencies, brands with one billion site sessions per month by supporting multiple platforms, game apps and mobile video content.

It is a CPM / CPC advertising network with a minimum payment threshold of $ 100.
With this network you get a high gain rate for international traffic with a header bid solution.

 11- DistrictM
It is a network that allows fast and high revenues with over 4000 publishers and a high rate of CPM.

12- PulsePoint
It is an advertising network with more than 120 billion monthly advertising transactions and targeting by a contextual system. It is a free membership network with a CPM model and zero traffic required.
A payment threshold of $ 50 via PayPal, eCheck, bank transfer and check.

It is a CPM, CPA and CPC model advertising network with over 30 vertical content, with more than 2 billion impressions per day.

It is an advertising network with hourly reports. Publishers are assigned account managers who are very helpful and respond to queries and requests for monetization support with a payment threshold of $ 50.

It's an ad network that supports multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and the mobile web. Their ad templates include CPA, CPC, and CPM. They support different ad formats such as banners, text ads, rich media, and videos.

It is an advertising network that has several platforms such as the Sharethrough Exchange (STX), recognized as the largest data flow advertising exchange in the world.

17-Defy Media
It is an advertising network for publishers with millenary and teenage traffic. Defy Media is well known for helping publishers monetize their sites with video content.

18-Amazon Nine
It is an advertising network with a very low minimum payment threshold of only $ 10.

It is an advertising network with a very intuitive interface with many self-service options, including CPM floor configuration, implementation of the transfer and updating of payment information.
Earnings under $ 1,500 are paid through PayPal and if you earn more than $ 1,500 you will be paid by bank transfer.

It's an advertising network founded in 2006 has partnered with some of the industry's leading advertisers to provide publishers with the best eCPM rates.

samedi 11 mai 2019

Make money in digital currencies

Make money in digital currencies

Today a variety of digital currencies are in line with several trading platforms to buy and sell and store Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
In this article I will focus on the definition of digital currencies and methods of earnings.

What are crypto-currencies?

It is a currency usable on a decentralized computer network, peer-to-peer also called cryptoactif, cryptocurrency or cryptographic currency; the principle is to store this virtual currency on an electronic support allowing users accepting them in payment to make transactions to use the legal tender.
Where does cryptocurrency come from?
Why should you know more about cryptocurrency?
And what do you need to know about cryptocurrency?
In 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto, is the first unknown inventor of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency and still the most important then he set up a payment system based on a network peer to peer for file sharing.
History of cryptocurrencies

In 1998, Wei Dai published a "b-money" currency, which is an anonymous electronic cash system. Shortly after, Nick Szabo created the "Bit Gold" which required users to complete a proof of work function whose solutions were encrypted, put together and published. Bitcoin, created in 2009 by a developer (or group of developers) of software using the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, uses the SHA-256 algorithm as a proof of work system.
Later, other major cryptocurrencies were developed, such as the Litecoin (which uses scrypt as proof of work and has faster transaction confirmations), the Peercoin (which uses a hybrid proof of work system and has an inflation rate of 1%) and Namecoin (which serves as a decentralized DNS, which makes Internet censorship more difficult) have been created.
2011-2014 to today: diffusion to the general public via the media, then the appearance of the 2nd generation Monero, Ethereum and Nxt with new features such as stealth addresses, smart contracts, the use of side block chains or backed by assets such as gold.
An entrepreneur, founder of Robocoin, launched the first bitcoin vending machine in the United States on February 20, 2014. The kiosk, based in Austin, Texas, is similar to ATMs

The third generation: like EOS.IO, Cardano, (ADA), AION, ICON (ICX) and Raiden Network (RDN), for the most famous ones. Here again, EOS.IO is even derived from Ethereum. They also bring their share of innovation, but in August 2018, none has so far taken precedence over others.

How to win free bitcoins ?

1 CryptoTab - Miner by browsing the internet
With CryptoTab you can undermine when browsing the internet by installing a module. You can also download the CryptoTab browser to increase the speed of mining.
2 Play and win bitcoins
Satoshi Quiz - Your Culture Pays
Users earn bitcoins by correctly answering questions in different categories. To win you must be in the first 3 to give the correct answer. The 1st wins more than the 2nd who wins more than the 3rd. There are many categories from movies to brands, there is something for everyone. Generally the gain is 100 statoshis per question.
3 The Blockchain Game - A challenging and addictive game
The goal is to create the longest block oak possible. The game contains a lot of advertising because it is free and allows you to earn bitcoins. The higher you reach, the higher the reward too.
4 Play dice
Different platforms offer free and paid games on which it is possible to earn a bit of bitcoins. This is the case of PrimeDice and 999Dice.
5 Earning bitcoins with falcons
is a system that rewards users in exchange for performing a task, such as a click for example.

Earn Free 0.08 BTC Daily! 2019

Above all, you need a portfolio of digital currencies; the best is
Coinbase is an online digital currency portfolio and trading platform for buying, selling and storing Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC) ) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

 Earn $50 FREE Stellar (XLM) on Coinbase

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain, or chain of blocks is a technology of storage and transmission of information without control organ.
It is a distributed database whose information sent by users and internal links to the database are checked and grouped at regular time intervals into blocks, forming a chain.

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Extra income with autosurf manual traffic exchange website

Extra income with autosurf manual traffic exchange website

What is an autosurf website ?
An autosurf is a website that allows you to generate free traffic to your blog, forum or website or a short link or promotional link.
The principle generally works as a traffic exchange between members, earn points by visiting other website or blogs and can then spend the points earned to promote their sites or blogs.
Buying points or promoting subscription ranks allows you to have unique visits with the possibility of winning money for 1000 views.
The goal is to have a large number of visitors, improve your position on Alexa and then increase the value of your blog or website.
In this article we will present a series of manual traffic exchange sites and autosurf sites and how to make money ?

Bonus registration: $ 0.10
Affiliation program: 40%
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: $ 3 via PayPal
Surfing method: Browser

Bonus registration: 100 points
Affiliation program: 40%
Make money while surfing and reading emails
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: $ 2 via PayPalMéthode de surf : Navigateur

Bonus registration: 100 points
Affiliate program: 20 and 40%
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: $ 5 via PayPal
Surfing method: Software

Bonus registration: no
Affiliation program: 40%
Make money by surfing and clicking on ads while watching videos
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: $ 2 via PayPal
Surfing method: Browser

Bonus registration: 1000 points
Affiliate program: 20 and 50%
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: $ 10 via PayPal
Surfing method: Browser

Registration bonus: between 100 and 1000 points
Affiliate program: 20 and 40%
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: no
Surfing method: Browser and Software

Bonus registration: no
Affiliate program: 20 and 40%
Geographical targeting: no
Payment threshold: no
Surfing method: Browser and Software

Bonus registration: no
Affiliation program 0.01 dollar
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: 1 dollar
Surfing method: Browser and Software

Bonus registration: 100 points
50% Affiliate Program
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: 10 dollars
Surfing method: Browser and Software

Bonus registration: 0.10 dollar
50% Affiliate Program
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: 5 dollars
Surfing method: Browser and Software

Bonus registration: 0.10 dollar
50% Affiliate Program
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: 5 dollars
Surfing method: Browser

Bonus registration: NO
Affiliation program between 30 and 100%
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: 10 dollars
Surfing method: Browser

Bonus inscription 2 dollars
Affiliate Program 70%
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: 10 dollars
Surfing method: Browser and Software

Bonus registration: 100 point
Affiliation program between 30 and 100%
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: 10 dollars
Surfing method: Browser

Bonus registration: $ 0.20
200 point affiliate program
Coupon code: 0.10 $
Surf rewards: between 0.02 and 0.15 $
Payment threshold: $ 10.00 via PayPal
Surfing method: Browser

Bonus registration: 100 points
Affiliate program: 200 points
Geographical targeting: yes
Payment threshold: $ 5 via PayPal
Surfing method: Browser

Surfing method: Browser

mardi 2 avril 2019

What is multi-level marketing?

What is multi-level marketing?

Staggered showcasing, otherwise called system advertising or MLM, actually just alludes to a plan of action which is a piece of the immediate selling classification. In this way, instead of showing up in stores, the staggered advertising item or administration is sold legitimately by the MLM wholesaler. A few instances of understood staggered promoting organizations incorporate Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Pampered Chef, Herbalife International, Tupperware, Arbonne International, MonaVie, Shaklee, and Southern Living at Home, just to give some examples of actually thousands around the globe. Items and administrations that do well in a MLM demonstrate are those that require a tad of disclosing so as to pass on their actual esteem. That is the place the system advertiser comes in. This individual will address questions, give showings, have occasions, and so on., so as to clarify the full advantages of the MLM items/administrations they showcase, and associate legitimately with the buyer.

The staggered promoting model works this way. You join, for the most part for a generally little expense, and you are at that point conceded commissions on the items/benefits that you sell, and on the general population that you get as a major aspect of your business drive, and on what they sell. This is the place the "staggered" part comes in...An MLMer has dimensions of merchants above him, and dimensions of wholesalers beneath him inside his or her association (which, coincidentally, is the same than the structure of most associations - what is diverse is that your compensation will be influenced by the dimensions underneath you).

Each MLM business has an alternate pay plan or structure and these plans fluctuate broadly from MLM to MLM. While you ought to comprehend your MLM's pay plan, don't get excessively made up for lost time in it, since how fruitful you become truly doesn't rely upon how the compensation plan functions. It has significantly more to do with the items and administrations you sell, what number of you can sell, and how well your MLM business the board and you yourself can enroll, propel, and train your colleagues.

What staggered showcasing isn't

System promoting isn't a get-rich plan. Like some other business, it takes work, devotion, and abilities that usually should be learned en route. Actually arrange advertising can possibly make you a great deal of cash in all respects rapidly, yet not on the off chance that you are simply beginning and doing it just low maintenance, or only two or three hours every week. When you do develop your business, you would then be able to work less and still make a similar sum, or more, cash, however this comes after you've put in your due determination.

Real Multi-level showcasing organizations are not pyramid or Ponzi plans. MLMs and pyramids plans are regularly befuddled, justifiably so here and there. As a matter of first importance, fraudulent business models sprung up only not long after the system showcasing model was conceived in the mid-1900s- - actually, they were made by fruitless system advertisers who chose to make things simpler by doing them the illicit way! Before the legislature got on, a huge number of individuals had fallen prey to these sorts of plans. What's more, that is the reason the FTC rushes to brace down on pyramid and Ponzi plans. This is additionally why staggered showcasing organizations are under extraordinary examination.

Here's the means by which you can tell a pyramid/Ponzi plot from a real system advertising, MLM, or staggered promoting organization. The authentic MLM sells items and administrations. The plan does not. Along these lines, in the event that you keep running into an organization that is putting forth you a commission just to enlist different individuals into the business, at that point that is a fraudulent business model. System advertising organizations will likewise offer you rewards or commissions on the off chance that you enroll individuals into your group, however the business depends on items as well as administrations, not just on selecting colleagues.

Staggered showcasing isn't for everybody.

Anybody more than 18 can join a MLM business and the start-up charges differ from organization to organization. In any case, while any individual who can contribute the start-up expense can join a MLM, not every person is appropriate for this business. Truth be told, over 95% of the individuals who join arrange advertisers end up stopping. there are a few purposes behind this. One is that, regularly, new MLMers are persuade that the system promoting business is a make easy money opportunity and it tends to be managed without putting much exertion into it. Additionally, numerous individuals bounce into MLM in light of the fact that they are informed that anybody can do it. While this is valid as it were, to be fruitful in MLM, you do need to think about deals and promoting. Would you be able to learn it? Obviously. Will you do well without having deals and showcasing learning? Most likely not. At long last, while numerous new system advertisers are devoted and willing to learn, they are not being prepared accurately. Fortunately, there is a considerable measure of legitimate MLM preparing accessible both on the web and disconnected today, and it is reasonable for all system advertisers in all MLM organizations.

Why Join a staggered promoting organization?

when you join a system advertising organization, you are basically in business for yourself, and you can make of that business what you need. System showcasing is by a long shot the most moderate approach to go into business. You don't need to concoct an item or administration. It is there for you. You don't need to deliver advertising materials. They are likewise readily available. Most organizations likewise offer you a corporate site that you can send clients and prospects to. What's more, regularly, you don't need to hold stock.

It is the fantasy of money related opportunity, particularly amid this financial downturn, that makes individuals search out non-customary business openings. System Marketing organizations are particularly alluring in light of the fact that the underlying speculation is incredibly low and the potential for addition is very high.

Lingering salary is the pined for pearl of staggered advertising - the capacity to be paid notwithstanding when you are not effectively working. As an effective system advertiser, you influence the season of others, after you have invested the effort preparing them. When you have a built up downline (the general population in your group who you have selected, or who have been enrolled by others under you), they will proceed to prepare others as you have prepared them (ideally), prompting more benefits for you without you investing any additional energy or exertion. It's anything but an incident that the best MLM entrepreneurs are additionally the best mentors.

Another incredible draw of staggered promoting is that agents can telecommute (or anyplace else) and set up their very own calendar, objectives, plans, and so on., as opposed to those of their supervisors.

Many begin on low maintenance premise to substitute a second employment - working a "night-move" from home without anyone else PC, instead of at a manufacturing plant, throughout the night store, and so forth., is similarly engaging.

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Earn money and increase your website traffic with Alexa master.

Earn money and increase your website traffic with Alexa master.

Alexa master

How to make money on the net for a beginner? and how to boost the actual traffic of visitors for your blog or website?

Alexa master is a platform that dates back to 2013 and helps you both to earn money and to generate real visitors to your website.
Free registration, improve the ranking of your blog on google, earn points by surfing or watching videos on YouTube or by putting likes on Facebook pages. Points earned are redeemable for cash on PayPal or visitors to your YouTube blog or channel and likes according to your choice.

First step is to register on the site through its links:

Alexa master

Last name and first name
Email verification email
Password then save
A confirmation link whose activation is required from your mailbox.

To start earning money and points there are several methods on the Alexa Master website:
Small jobs
If you possess qualities in the design of sites, writing articles ....
Web site visits
Vote sites either bad or good.
Promote website Alexa master and win the contest.
Watch YouTube videos of members of the website.
On Facebook visit and do like pages.
A daily bonus is made available to members of the website Alexa master.
An Hour Winner is awarded to active members.
Points to win thanks to an AutoSurf system.

How to use Alexa Master?

How to earn extras?
Translate web pages into your language by sending an email to site owners to earn 120000 points.
Create a blog to share and earn points.
Forum posts and share referral links on social networks.
Edit a Youtube video relationship how does Alexa master earn 90000 points.