Wednesday, 26 December 2018

generate money with redgage?

How do I generate money with redgage? 

generate money with redgage?
generate money with redgage? 

What is RedGage?

In this article I will present a unique website RedGage, how it works? and how to make money?
RedGage pays for blogs, images, videos, documents and links; more gains on activities on social networks like Facebook, twitter, YouTube. So be paid for your content.
The site shares the gain with the subscribers via the profits generated advertising posters that scroll on different pages of the site.
Registration on the site is free then you post your blogs, photos, videos; then look for visitors because the payment on 1000 visitors.
When your balance reaches 25 dollars, you can withdraw this amount of money on available balance.
The redgage site is the site that makes it possible to earn money through the C PM (Cost Per Mil) method, so a site or you can post articles, videos, photos and even documents in exchange for commissions that vary between 0.6 and one dollar per 1,000 visits to your page. 

How much money could win is it? 
Payment threshold $ 25. A $ 50 bonus every day better article. 
Then a better bonus of the $ 5 photos.

The RedGage visa card payment method is marked Visa usable anywhere visa card is accepted; this card is sent by post and activate the code whose last four digits have those of your phone number, after activation you can register your card.
The same principle works on the RedGage Virtual Card by logging on to the link at
Attention for the content of your blog that must comply with the terms of use.

Do not forget that a daily bonus of $ 25 is awarded to the best article chosen by RedGage moderators and $ 5 for the best photo.

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