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How do you make money on instagram?

How do you make money on instagram?

How do you make money on instagram?
How do you make money on instagram?

Today, millions of Internet users around the world use the various social networks. You’re one of them, enjoy winning the money of this use how?
In this article I will show you the methods and tricks to leverage and generate money from the internet as instagrams.

Earn money on instagram:
According to the law of supply and demand instagram is an open market, so you have to choose your winning method by following these tricks in order to become a producer to earn the money:

1- Clear, easy and unique username.
2- Use of relevant information: motivation and concise description.
3- Choice of a very well defined niche (fashion, bodybuilding, food…).
4- Choose the best photos you will post on instagram (the aesthetics of the photos).
5- Write articles and post every day.
6- Seek new subscribers (hearings)
7- Comment and like photos from other accounts.
8- Create a feed-back with other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

The first method of winning: sponsorship and advertising.

Once you have chosen a niche or several niches and after having had listeners your followers you must constantly increase the number.
Which means, the higher the number of your audience, the more the brand companies will be interested in your services, and you start monetizing your instagrame account.
How to make the right choice of affiliate sites?
Attract attention and draw more attention to the brand in question from your niche on instagram.

Then choose intermediation sites:

ShareASale is a successful retail marketing network, allowing users to operate a wider consumer base at no additional cost. So you create your account with ShareASale with the choice of niches you want affiliated, and then redirect your followers to the websites of the companies chosen against commissions.

Other marketing networks include:

stylinity is a site specializing in an increasingly evolving niche attracts millions of customers that is fashion (children , women and men), you can receive commissions up to 20% of the sale.

By becoming an affiliate to earn commissions by selling products from other brands.
And why not Iluenz?

An influential marketing platform on instagram that facilitates meetings between brands and influencers. The company makes the point that it is not a directory of influencers but a service for connecting brands and opinion leaders.

Join Bandyoulike, which facilitates collaboration between brands and influencers.
If you have breath and patience Natividi is specialized in long term collaboration.

Your account exceeds 10,000 influencers, the best advice will you register on Reech or there are all the niches.

The second method of winning: selling photos.

You own a camera or smartphone with high resolution camera, selling the best quality photos on instagram is one of the ways to generate additional revenue via PayPal or Venmo.

The third method of winning: an online shop.

You could create your own online shop (physical or digital products) and exhibit different services to earn money:
Print service on demand (t-shirts, coffee cup, etc.)
Provide coaching consulting services.
Sale of ebooks, books, etc.

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