Wednesday, 26 December 2018

How to make $1400 with Xomba

Earning money with XOMBA

 The xomba site is a site that pays to publish articles on line according to the number of views, the more your article generates visitors your commissions will rise.

 A presentation of your article is required. The highlight of Xomba is revenue sharing Adsense, once you post an article on the site, targeted ads from Google Adsence will be posted around your article and presentation text. 

How do you share earnings? 

First a registration on Google Adsence is mandatory, because Xomba requests the Adsence ID when registering. The win-sharing system receives 60% and you pick up 40%. 

The payment threshold is $ 100. 
The good thing is that if you use Adsense on your own site or on other web sites, the revenues generated by all these sites add up very quickly. And that's not all? You will tighten up to post the photographs, videos. You can insert Amazon and ebay links into the content of your articles.

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