Saturday, 16 March 2019

Earn money and increase your website traffic with Alexa master.

Earn money and increase your website traffic with Alexa master.

Alexa master

How to make money on the net for a beginner? and how to boost the actual traffic of visitors for your blog or website?

Alexa master is a platform that dates back to 2013 and helps you both to earn money and to generate real visitors to your website.
Free registration, improve the ranking of your blog on google, earn points by surfing or watching videos on YouTube or by putting likes on Facebook pages. Points earned are redeemable for cash on PayPal or visitors to your YouTube blog or channel and likes according to your choice.

First step is to register on the site through its links:

Alexa master

Last name and first name
Email verification email
Password then save
A confirmation link whose activation is required from your mailbox.

To start earning money and points there are several methods on the Alexa Master website:
Small jobs
If you possess qualities in the design of sites, writing articles ....
Web site visits
Vote sites either bad or good.
Promote website Alexa master and win the contest.
Watch YouTube videos of members of the website.
On Facebook visit and do like pages.
A daily bonus is made available to members of the website Alexa master.
An Hour Winner is awarded to active members.
Points to win thanks to an AutoSurf system.

How to use Alexa Master?

How to earn extras?
Translate web pages into your language by sending an email to site owners to earn 120000 points.
Create a blog to share and earn points.
Forum posts and share referral links on social networks.
Edit a Youtube video relationship how does Alexa master earn 90000 points.


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