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How to make money with a link shortener?

How to make money with a link shortener?

A money-making tool for beginners is the link reducer web that turn the URL of a web page into a shorter URL and easy to share on social networks; the shortened URL sends directly to the original URL and earns clicks.

What are the best URL-reducing web site?

One of the best open link shortening sites since 2013 that makes money, this site is linked to a European-based advertising network.

How to win with

Easy registration on the site, once on the interface of the site fill the form:
Email address, password and accept the terms and conditions of the site then fill in the captcha.
Then check your inbox for an activation e-mail and confirm your e-mail address. offers a dollar for 100 views for your first 100 views.

If you own a website or blog offers a website script whose HTML code must be paste on your web site or your own blog which allows you to win for 1000 views.

It also allows an ad serving style where the reader is redirected to the original link in five seconds, which can be used to shorten the number of links you want to share online.

Other tools are available: an API for developers, mass reducer, the fastest way to shorten links with Simply copy the link below to address the bar in your web browser. The shortest monetization plugin is probably the easiest and least disruptive way to monetize your wordpress blog.
It is based on a advertising network that deals mainly with links. The biggest advantage of using Shortest is that it does not need a pixel on your web page, so your blog will not be cluttered with another banner ad or another pop-up window. .
Shortcut URL can be easily integrated with Once done, the content is published using a short link allowing you to monetize each of your shares.

The configuration process is as simple as possible and the steps are listed below:
Go to "Settings" and then click on "Short links".
Choose '+ Add shortener' and tick 'Third-party shorts' option
Complete the fields with the following details:
'Shortener Name:' - ''
'Endpoint of the shortener:'
and check both boxes: 'Apply this shortener to all existing routes:' and 'Default shortcut for new routes:'
Save the settings by clicking "Save Shortener".

Simply copy the link below into the address bar of your web browser, replace the last part with the destination link, and press Enter. will redirect you to your shortened link. Copy it where you want and get paid.

The CPM traffic varies by country is calculated by 1000 visits $ 4.86 for France, more than $ 14 for the United States and $ 10 for the United Kingdom.


Download application

Step 1 - Download our app
First, download our application. When the application will be downloaded, install it. If you have problems downloading or installing the application, please let us know HERE.

Which is very important: Miner.
Do not overclock the processor or GPU
Does not weigh down the computer more than the games
Does not deprive the manufacturer's warranty
Is not a virus like some antivirus can indicate
Step 2 - Open our app and run the performance test.
After downloading and installing the Miner app, open it and test your computer by clicking the Benchmark button. In this way, the application can optimize your income. This may take a few minutes.
Very important - you MUST NOT CHANGE the connection.
Your Miner app is automatically connected to your account - you do not need to change anything manually.

 Step 3 - Press Start and make money
Once the test is done, all you have to do is click the Start button and watch how the money is earned. You can check your stats in the Statistics section. Miner | Make Money 

How does the referral system work?

A 1 dollar bonus for each registrant and 20% commission for the referrals you have invited.
Withdrawing $ 5 winnings on PayPal, WebMoney and $ 20 for Payonner.
The winning strategy $ 200 per month:
Collapse and share links from Youtube videos on Twitter Facebook.
Sharing comic images by reducing the links of these images.


The best URL discount sites :

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