Thursday, 20 June 2019

AdFeedz earn money and boost the rank of your website

how earn with AdFeedz?

Today in this article I will show you how to make money and get free referrals while increasing visitor traffic to your website.
AdFeedz is the best free site for making money while surfing, registration is free and only takes 5 minutes to complete the registration steps:
E-mail adress
Password and confirm the link via mailbox.
Check and then you start the path of making money.

AdFeedz earn money

How to win on AdFeedz?

The first method: earn free credits
Either surfing the sites in a frame or in a new tab or reading offers.

The second method: earn rewards
Either using the chances reversed Flip Card game; either via the cash link by looking at the payment links or writing an article on AdFeedz and publishing it on a blog or website, then placing the full URL of the article to generate money.
Registration here

This is not a very effective 90 percent sponsorship system to maximize your cash earnings on 10 levels: 8% at 1st level, 2% at 2nd level and 1% for the rest of the levels; with other promotional tools: banners, promotional text, email, rotator Splash pages.
The site offers you several bonuses for the tasks for example: to be paid for the addition of the first banner ...

The third method: gain traffic for your site
If you own a site or blog is you need targeted visitors the AdFeedz website offers you several tools for your advertising companion (banner, network ads based on PPC, text ads) whose purpose is to have a number unlimited unlimited impressions and clicks.

The fourth method: Benefit from marketing tools
Save your time by using the marketing tools offered by the AdFeedz website; URL rotator to promote ten different referral / affiliate links with a single URL.
Use page generator to promote your sites or your blog.
Display a sticky note with your personalized message to increase visitor appeal, only for websites that run in Frame.
Payment threshold: $ 10 via Perfect Money, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay and Coin Payment.

Step-By-Step Daily Instructions - Free Daily Website Traffic & Earn | AdFeedz

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