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How to earn 40 bucks an hour just by testing web site ?

How to earn 40 bucks an hour just by testing web site ?

If you are looking for a passive income 40 dollars per hour yes it is possible thanks to user tests, how?
In this article I will explain how and how specialized websites work by watching videos and testing web sites as well as different strategies to increase your profits by using reliable and solvent website.

The first site is Try my

How to make money at home by testing websites on TryMyUI?

Step 1: Registration on the website

Try my

Full Name
Email ID
Password on TryMyUI website
Email address to which the PayPal account is linked.
Activation confirmation link
Your TryMyUI account is now registered successfully.

Step 2: Connection
click on "Become a tester" at the top right of the displayed page.

Try my

Step 3: Demographic questionnaire
You will see a demographic questionnaire. You will have to fill in this

Try my

Step 4: Qualification test
After answering the quiz session, you will be taken to the qualification test page.

Try my

Step 5: Download a screenshot app
You must download the provided screen capture application and install it on your computer, tablet or smartphone then start the test.

 Try my

Step 6: Start the test
The website will guide you through your first video test and instructions that will be provided before you begin. The duration of the test does not exceed 20 minutes.

Try my

Once you start testing either a website or an application, the Screen Recorder starts recording your observations, opinions, criticisms, flaws, strengths, weaknesses, desing, broken pages ....

Try my

Step 7: finished test
After providing your remarks, you click on the completed registration button and submit it and wait 24 hours for confirmation by the website.
Once you have passed the qualifying test, you receive e-mails to test applications and web sites by following the instructions of the test, the result of your work is displayed on your dashboard accepted or rejected.

 Try my

The website pays $ 10 per 15-20 minute test.
Benefits of the TryMyUI website:
For hearing no time limit with fast approval, short time to start passing the tests.
The site is fast and the configuration of the software requires technical knowledge.

TryMyUI - $10 Per Test | Get Paid For Testing Websites, Apps and Msite 

After having exposed step by step the operation of the website TryMyUI, it is time to make a comparison with other web site of the same niche.

2- UserTesting


This website pays $ 10 per 20-30 minute test. Unlike other sites, they also offer shorter tests at a test rate of $ 3 per 5 minutes. You will need to download the UserTesting software and audition to get started.
Advantages :
This website offers short tests that pays $ 3 per 5 minutes.
Hearing is easy and you immediately receive emails to begin testing.
You have to wait several days for your first test given the number of testers.

3- Userlytics:


This website pays $ 10 per test of 10 to 20 minutes.
Advantages :
Quick and easy registration and open to people from all countries, no prior hearing.
Some customers of this site require that the person who tests a video of his face.
Many testers that customers and payment depends on the validation and opinion of these customers.

4- validately.


This website works differently from other test websites, it pays $ 5 for 5-minute tests or $ 25 for 25-minute tests.
Advantages :
Easy hearing, earning a dollar a minute.
Live tests only but with a wait that can exceed 10 days.

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