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The Ultimate Free Traffic Model For Racking Up Sales Fast

The Ultimate Free Traffic Model For Racking Up Sales Fast

The strategy is very simple: Get other people to send targeted traffic to your web site.
 It’s commonly referred to as a “joint venture” (although “endorsement mailing” might be a more adequate title). I’ve been teaching a simple, 3-step system for driving traffic with joint ventures for about five years now and it’s never failed to produce results yet. While the face of the Internet has certainly changed in the past five years, and the intricacies of this system have been tweaked (which we’ll talk about), the mechanics have remained the same. I’ve made literally hundreds of thousands of dollars with this same system and today I’m going to share it with you.

Don’t assume you’ve heard it all before. I realize that joint ventures have been getting more than their share of attention, and this might lead you to think that you already know everything you need to know about joint ventures. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are some things we’re going to talk about that it’s unlikely anyone else has ever told you before about JV partnerships.

Don’t assume no one will respond to YOU. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried it a gazillion times before with no results, or if this is your first time out and you have no credibility in your niche marketplace. None of that is important if you just use the strategies that we’ll be looking at here in this video. People will respond to your JV offers if you just take the right approach.

Don’t assume it’s too complicated. There are only three steps. Yes, there are many different elements to each of them, but at its foundational strategy, there are only three steps. We’ll break it down here so anyone can understand the process, and we’ll identify some specific things that anyone can do in order to generate traffic with these joint ventures. 

Most people leave profit on the table from the very beginning. The problem is this: most people are too short-sighted in their planning for joint venture partnerships. They have their eyes on instant profit, and fail to realize that their profit can be multiplied many times over if they take some time to set things up strategically. Seems like a waste of a wonderful opportunity to me. With just a bit of careful planning, that same joint venture can be producing an everincreasing income for months and even years to come. 
Here’s the thing: You’re going to go to the same amount of effort in contacting and convincing potential joint venture partners to work with you, so why not maximize your effort and make the most money possible? That’s why it is so important to strategically plan out your joint venture from the very beginning. By having just a few things in place, you can see your profit multiplied by 10, 20 even 50X more! There are many different things you can do in order to strategically setup your joint venture so that you profit long-term, but what I want to talk with you today about is what I call “passive promotion”. Let’s do a quick exercise here. Which is better…
A. Someone promoting your niche product to their list one time, or 
B. Someone promoting your niche product to their list over and over again?
Unless you’ve just awakened from a deep sleep or you’re still recovering from a head injury, you’ve answered “B” on that one.  One more question. 

A. Someone sending out a mailing to their list members mentioning your product one time, or
B. Someone sending out a mailing to their list members mentioning your product one time, publishing your ezine article, putting a banner ad on their website, highlighting your free report on their “thank you” page, inserting an exit popup window with a link to you, showcasing you in their autoresponder series and recording an interview with you that their visitors will have access to for months and years to come?
If ya picked anything other than “B,” then you simply gotta WAKE UP or go see a doctor about that head injury.
The point I want to make is simply this: don’t settle for pocket change when you can do much better. Again, I must emphasize that the biggest mistake in joint venture marketing is being short-sighted to the point of contentment with a one-time strike.

Solo mailing / personal endorsement mailing. An advertisement that the partner sends out to their opt-in email list. While you will want to provide this in your marketing materials, it is most effective when the partner writes their own personalized endorsement.

Ezine Article. A 500-700 word article relating to the topic of your niche product that the partner publishes in their regular online or offline newsletter, as well as posts to their site.

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This is where many people struggle, but it is the easiest thing in the world to find subjects for your articles when you have a certain amount of preparation in place beforehand. First off, think carefully about your subject. Ask yourself the following questions:
 What is your website all about?  What products do you sell?  What do you want to draw attention to?  Do you have any free gifts you want to give away?  What is the nature of those free gifts?  What type of people do you want to attract?  What do you really want to let people know more about?
These should give you a head start for some good article ideas. What you need to do now is to come up with some ideas for specific angles to write about – without promoting any part of your site whatsoever. 
This is where a lot of people make mistakes. If you have a website that sells toys, don’t talk about selling toys. People don’t want to know about that. But they would be interested in hearing about other aspects of toys.
 Here are some typical ideas that would be good to work with: 
Why do some toys sell better than others? 
 What are the benefits of wooden toys? 
 Say no to electronic toys and go for old fashioned ones again 
 Toys of yesteryear 
 Which toys are making a comeback? 
You can see that this is just touching the tip of what you could write about as well. Think about all the different angles you could use for your particular area of interest, and generate as many ideas as you can. Use that notebook! Once you get your brain going you’ll soon find you have more ideas than you could comfortably use in the near future. Think about what people actually want to know about as well. Now that might sound really obvious, but when you think about it it’s easier to come
 up with lots of ideas for articles… but it’s not so easy to select which ones are likely to get a bigger audience than others. Some of this will be figured out more easily when you start to actually write and submit your articles. Most if not all article directories have author statistics pages which you can view once you log in to your account. Keep an eye on these and you will soon be able to see which articles are being found and read more often. Look at what subjects and angles these articles are on, and see if there is a theme. Of course you also need to look at your titles and other aspects of each piece, because those could also have a bearing on why certain pieces are being read, but it does give you a head start.
What do I mean by this? Quite simply, don’t make it too short. You will see lots of articles on these sites that are barely three hundred words long. That means you will be able to read the whole thing on your computer screen without scrolling. That might seem to be a good thing, but believe me when I say an article that short won’t have any meat in it at all. If you want to write good articles – and I mean GOOD ones that people want to read – then you need to stick to around 500 words at the very least. I would say 500 to 600 if you can. This is a nice length because it allows you some room to tell people a little bit about the subject. And yet it isn’t enough to tell them everything. The idea here is to whet their appetite and make them want to click through to your website to find out more. Think of your article as the appetizer. To get the main course – i.e. more information – they will need to go to your website.
 But if they like what you wrote and they notice your name, they will remember you when they come across you again. And we all know that despite its size, the internet can be amazingly small at times. If they see you again, they may well decide to follow your advice and visit your website then. So go for a reasonable length of article and think of it as an investment into the future of your business, as well as hopefully getting a good result now. You won’t regret it.

It’s up to you whether you want to submit your articles to as many sites as is humanly possible, or whether you want to focus on just two or three. If you subscribe to the theory that Google penalize all duplicate articles and you don’t want that to happen, then submit each article to one site only. You will then need to rewrite each one for each separate directory you want to target. Since you need to create a new account at every article directory you want to submit to, it can actually be quite a task to get started with more than a couple anyway. It’s up to you which sites you want to focus on, but there are a few you absolutely should not miss out on. The first is Ezine, which is undoubtedly the most popular one as far as Google is concerned. is another good bet, and Search would be my third pick. If you start with these three, you can then add more as and when you feel able to. But these always tend to rank rather well in the search engines, and if you want your articles to receive the best possible degree of attention, you’ll want them to be on page one of those results and no lower down if possible. Don’t dismiss the thought of using article directories that are dedicated to the specific subject you are writing about though. For example, there are a few medically related article directories out there which only publish articles on those subjects. You will find that these directories tend to attract less in the way of traffic, but the people who do use them have a definite interest in that subject, so you are more likely to get more interest in what you have written as a result. And possibly more click throughs to your website as well. To find these sites, simply go to Google or another search engine of your choice and type in something along the lines of “[subject] article directory”, replacing the [subject] part with your choice of subject. Try it with and without those quote marks too. If you can add one or two specialist directories to the mix like this, you may well get even more impressive results.

Every single time you finish an article, you’re going to want to get it out there on the internet as soon as you possibly can. But hold on a second. Don’t forget that it’s not just there to create a backlink. It’s there to grab readers and get them interested in your subject – the subject that is related to what you are selling. That means you need to be absolutely certain that your writing is top notch and it isn’t going to let you down. Check all your facts, read through everything as thoroughly as you can and make sure you haven’t thrown in any spelling errors. It is usually worth waiting for a day or two to edit what you have written, instead of publishing it straightaway and then spotting errors once it is live on the internet. Another part of editing that is very important has to do with the format of your article. Don’t fall into the trap of using lots of long sentences or paragraphs. When people are reading an internet page they like it to be easy to look at. Think short sentences and break it up as much as you can. Bullet points are great for doing this, and they have the added bonus of drawing the eye inwards and attracting more interest to your article.



Article marketing is not just the art of writing articles and submitting them to the article directories. Let’s not forget that these directories hold thousands upon thousands of articles on all kinds of subjects. With that in mind, it’s not enough to simply write an article and submit it all over the place. What you need to do is to write great articles that will attract attention. You will of course get a link back to your site from every submission you make (more about backlinks in a moment) but you still need to get as many eyeballs on your article as possible. This is because you want to turn readers into visitors. So let’s go through the most important steps you need to follow every time you put a new article together. If you become familiar with these and follow them without fail, you’ll soon find that article marketing really can be easy.


Okay, let’s start with those backlinks. What are they exactly? Well each article you write will include a resource box at the end, and every one will include a link to your website. This could be to a particular and more relevant page of your site, or simply to the home page. It depends on what the article is about and where you want your visitor to go to straightaway. But backlinks will get you noticed by the big search engines – the very same search engines that enable you to rank higher in the search results and be seen by more and more people. Now some people have said that you can no longer submit exactly the same article to more than one article directory. If you do, Google will ignore all but one of them and you will have wasted your time in submitting your articles all over the place. This is true in a sense, because those other articles will not get positioned in the search results. But you will also find that if you submit the same article ten times, you will still get ten backlinks to your site. And the more backlinks you have, the more they can help your site ranking. And once you learn how to add rewriting skills into your article marketing strategy, you’ll be appearing all over the place in Google anyway! Read on to find out more about this later on in the report.


Your resource box is your link to your website. Think of it like a small classified ad. You only have a certain amount of space to get your message across. If it is boring or dull or even just straightforward, you aren’t likely to get much of a response – even if your article is a really good one. It needs to speak to the reader – so reach out and grab them. Think about the resource boxes you have read that have attracted your attention. One of the best things to say in a resource box is that you have a freebie to give them which the reader can get by going to your website.

If you are going to do this you should link directly to the page which has more information about it. Don’t make the mistake of linking to the home page and then leaving your reader to figure out where they need to go. That is one sure fire way to lose someone for life. They’ll get annoyed and frustrated and probably wonder why you haven’t been more helpful. Not exactly the best way to convert an interested reader into an eager customer is it? Make sure you don’t waste words either. Make your spiel short and snappy, and experiment with attracting attention in a different way by starting out with a question. Something like this, perhaps:
“Would you like to earn double what you do now?”  “Are you getting all the information you need about internet marketing?”  “How can you find a second income online?” And so on. You get the picture. Draw them in and then give them a link that will lead them to the information they want and need. The one thing you shouldn’t do is to try and sell something from your resource box. Once you have written it, read it through and make sure there are no prices mentioned anywhere. The only thing you can mention in terms of what something might cost is one word – FREE. Everyone likes getting something for nothing, and since a free report or eBook is easy to make available with no actual cost to you, it’s a no brainer to include one of these as an offer in your resource box. The other thing to make sure you do is to make the link to your website clickable. This does take a little more work, but it is worth doing because you are making more work for people if you don’t do this.
Think about it for a moment, because understanding this tiny aspect really does make article marketing so much easier for you. If you write something like this – “visit my website, www. now and grab your free report!” – people will have to copy and paste the address into their address bar. Now I know that only takes a moment and it’s not exactly difficult to do, but it will put some people off doing it. You will actually lose out on visitors simply because you haven’t made that address clickable. Some websites will have their own ways of entering a clickable address so be sure to read the terms, conditions and guidelines for each and every article directory you use to be sure you are doing it right for each one. Don’t assume it is always done in the same way
Notice the blue clickable link? It may show up slightly differently online but it has exactly the same function. You will usually find it has blue lettering but the line underneath doesn’t show up. The main thing is that people can see it and click on it to be taken to your website. No copying and pasting required – perfect. And here is how you do it. The red words will form the clickable part of the link, so to get the above example here is what you would do: “Visit my website, to grab your free report now!” Now it can be made so much better too, because we can make the red words (the clickable part) into something other than the address. It will still be clickable, but it will be a clickable part of the whole sentence, rather than being the address itself. Notice how the red words change: “Visit my website to grab your free report now!” This gives you the following sentence – “visit my website to grab your free report now!” – which is far smoother, cleaner and still very much clickable and easy to use by the reader. And that is exactly what you want to have at the bottom of every article you write. All you need to do is reword it as desired to make it perfect for your own specific needs.
THE POWER OF A STRATEGY Article marketing can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. If you want to take the easiest route imaginable – and who wouldn’t – then you need to have a proper strategy for getting the best possible results. As we’ve said already, you can’t just write a single article and expect to get a deluge of visitors to your website. You need to do more than that – much more. If you visit Ezine Articles, one of the best known article directories of all, and look up some of the most published authors on there, you’ll see that they have articles ranging in the THOUSANDS. Now before all the blood drains from your face at the thought of having to write so many articles, don’t panic. There are ways to make this task much easier, and I’ll reveal the best one a little later on. But as a starting author you should focus on getting those first few articles up and running. Regular effort is what is needed here, and once you get a system in place you will find that the number of articles you have out and about for people to view can soon swell to impressive numbers. So – first of all, get yourself a small notebook than you can use as an ideas notebook. Why should you do this? Well, regular article submissions to these sites mean writing articles on a regular basis. And if you are going to do that, you need to be able to do something every day if you can. It’s no good having a target to write a dozen articles a week and leaving it until the weekend to get everything done. So why the notebook? Well, it makes things a lot easier if you can simply grab a ready made idea and start writing about it straightaway. If you have to spend some time sitting there thinking what to write about you will find the whole task much more tiresome. Keep that notebook handy and jot down ideas as and when they come to you; if you do this you’ll find you will never struggle for ideas and building up those articles on the sites will be a whole lot easier as a result. Moving on, is there any set number of articles you should be writing every day? The answer is ‘not really’ – it all depends on how quickly you want to build up a significant body of articles on the article directories, and how much time you can devote to writing them each day. But even if you only write one a day you’ll still have thirty of them doing the rounds after just one month, so make the time wherever you can. The results are worth it.

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Cashing in On Hot Topics

Cashing in On Hot Topics 

People are willing to pay for anything that saves them time, makes things easier, or makes them more money. Use this product creation technique if it suits your niche and if you don’t have personal experience. Unique Method You’ve Developed You do things differently than anyone else. You have a unique background and a unique way of thinking. Say you’ve been trying a technique for a while with success-- it might seem old hat or obvious to you...but it won’t be to others. You can create a product that details your method. Really break it down for them and make sure it’s something they haven’t seen or thought about before. People will be thrilled if you give them a better way of doing things that helps them succeed with the latest and greatest Internet marketing topic. Don’t sell yourself short-- you have great insight that can really help people.
Borrowing Expertise There are many people making money online-- some quietly and others not so quietly. If you personally know someone succeeding with a hot topic, it definitely makes sense to interview them about it. They’ll get exposure and you’ll get to sell a product. You could even split the profits or come up with some other kind of JV partnership. Get someone on Skype for an hour, record it, create worksheets and a mini report around what they say, and you’ve got a product. What to Do Once You’ve Chosen Your Method What do you do after you’ve chosen your style of product? It’s time to take action and get it done and polished off. This will ideally take you no longer than three days to complete-- money loves speed. Your product can be:
 ● An ebook ● 
A report ● 
A recording ●
 A series of worksheets ●
 A video 
● ...anything you want it to be or a combination of the above
The quickest thing to do is an audio recording... but the most common thing is an ebook. Consider your talents and what you think your audience will go for. You can add a lot of value by offering more than one thing in your package. But...How? This might be pretty intimidating if you haven’t done these things before. How do you write an ebook? What should your product include? I learn best by following the lead of others. 
You’re reading an ebook right now, for example. Are there clues you can take from this book? Think about how I’ve structured it and organized it. Think about the tone I’m using-- a friendly tone, I hope. Start by breaking down what you want to say in chapters. Have an introduction, a middle (with all of your important points), and a conclusion. Don’t know how to make a video? Then don’t do it, for now. Focus on what you do know how to do or can easily learn. I do think just about anyone can get a Skype call going and recorded. Break out of your comfort zone just a little, but not so much that you’re overwhelmed this week. Most people reading this will do best by writing an ebook (over 5,000 words) or a report (under 5,000 words). Now, get to work! Many people can write an ebook in a day if they put their mind to it and have everything organized ahead of time. Create your outline, take notes and add thoughts, and the book will practically write itself when it comes time.
Start to Get Affiliates on Board Start contacting affiliates now that you have a solid plan for your product. You don’t have anything to show them quite yet, but you might get on a promotional calendar or two if you present things the right way. Talk up the value their readers will get, how there is nothing else like this on the market, how good of a fit it is for their own marketing, etc. It’s all about the affiliate when you contact them. Never send out a form letter-- this should be personal, relationship-building interaction. It’s even better if you already have a relationship with the person. How do you find affiliates? Talk to the marketing friends you know who have lists. Be friendly and mention you’d love to send them a copy of the product when it’s finished and that you’d love to have them on board. Note that the commission will be quite good, even if you haven’t totally settled on what that is right now.
Look back at the products that inspired you to create your own. These product owners are bound to have lists that are very highly targeted to your product. Learn more about them and contact them (email is best-- pm’s often go unchecked) with a personal message about how your product might be a good fit. Make sure you have your launch day in mind-- hopefully under one week from now. You’ll continue to gather affiliates as you finish your product-- you can never have too many people lined up to promote for you.
Day Three Continue creating your product. Are you stuck on any part of it? Look at products you’ve purchased in the past for inspiration. Do some more research-- finding a new bit of information to add to your product can really be inspiring. Most importantly of all, make sure you’ve done enough planning before you start to write. So many people think they can just sit down and type an ebook from the top of their heads. Some people can do this, but not many-- and then only if they know the topic exceptionally well. Create a very detailed outline if you haven’t already. It really does make everything go much more smoothly. Do all of your thinking before you write and you won’t have to stress, think, and stew when it actually comes time to write or create. Continue contacting potential affiliates. Some will say no, some won’t respond, and some will have their promotions planned already. That’s okay-- don’t take any of it personally. Some will say yes. Also, don’t leave out the marketers with smaller, yet highly targeted, lists. They can get you some great sales, and it all adds up. Day Four Continue working on your product, if you did not finish it over the past couple of days.
The rest of your time should be spent on the early, technical steps of running the offer. You have some decisions to make. Write Your Sales Copy Your product has been created, but now you need to convince people to buy it. Writing killer sales copy is the name of the game. I recommend you exclude the hype when you do this, but you can look at related offers on the Warrior Forum for inspiration. Some of them are way over the top, but you’ll get a feel for WSO sales copy in general. I’ve posted this in previous sections, but here again is the basic rundown of how to write great copy: Prehead-- Write a short line (around 5 words) hitting on their problem, passion, or desire Headline-- Write a short headline, in quotes, in larger text than the rest, that hits on the main benefit of your offer (Hint: it’s a hot topic and they can make a ton of money). Posthead-- Emphasize what you’re providing. Introduction with a problem-- This is a write it like one. What is their problem? Really drive that problem or desire home and how it is currently out of their reach. Story with an “I understand” tone-- Share your own story, how you learned to do this (hint: you stumbled on this need at the Warrior Forum or wherever and saw that everyone needed it). You want them to feel like you are already a trusted friend who is going to help them with their problem. How you found your solution or came across the solution-- Share the awesome solution you found and that you’re offering. What you’re offering-- What your offer is and why it’s unbeatable Why this is the best thing for them-- Why this is unlike anything else, why it’s a must-have, why it’s worth so much more than you’re charging Close the offer with a great deal of scarcity and a fantastic price Sign your name and that you’re excited to hear their success story Add a P.S. that shares the benefits, scarcity, and super low price again 11 The most important thing is that you have a picture of your potential buyers in your mind. Hit on the emotions of what they need, want, and are desperate for. How Much is Your Product? It’s tough to tell you how much you should charge for your product-- it varies so much. Generally, though, you’ll find WSO offers for $5-27. It greatly depends on how known you are, what the niche is, what the product includes, and who you have pulling for you as an affiliate. Most will want to stay around $9 or so-- you want it high enough that affiliates will promote. You also need to consider the affiliate split. On a $9 product, you’ll want to give them 60%-75% or more. They’ll be further enticed by the upsell. Hopefully, conversions will be so good that more affiliates will hop on board without you even asking them to. What is Your Upsell? You need a great upsell for the offers you run on the Warrior Forum. You’re clearly not going to retire on the money you earn if you have a $9 product and are giving most of the profit away to affiliates. Consider offering a coaching or email help upsell-- you’ll offer people personal help on the method you’ve presented. Or, you can acquire PLR or resale rights to something highly related. Another idea is to strike up a JV partnership with someone who has a higher-end product on a similar product. It will be your upsell and you further split the profits with them. You need to work out the details and make sure it’s a good fit. No matter what, your upsell needs to offer a very clear value.
Plan for the Technical Details The technical details often hold people up and even scare them off when it comes to product creation. Don’t let that happen to you. You’re running a WSO, so you can easily use Warrior Plus to host your offer, deliver your product, and track your affiliates. JVZoo is an alternative. Visit both of these, look at their features, and go with the one that works for you. I will say that JVZoo will let you promote off the Warrior Forum with a simple URL change, while Warrior Plus will only work on the Warrior Forum. This will be important to you when you follow my advice of eventually taking your product off the Warrior Forum. It is also very important that you integrate your autoresponder service (either aWeber or GetResponse) with whichever one you choose. Both have great help documents, so use them (and watch the videos) if you get hung up on any part of this process. Submit Your Sales Page to the Warrior Forum The Warrior Forum requires approval before they will post a WSO. Go to the WSO section, start a new thread, post your sales letter, and follow their instructions for paying for your WSO when it is approved and it is time. Do not pay until you are ready to go live. Day Five Get Everything Ready for Affiliates Remind your affiliates of your launch day and time. Consider writing template emails they can adjust to send out to their lists-- the less work for them, the better. 13 Also, send them the JVZoo or Warrior+ link so they can register as an affiliate. You want everything ready to go with no hiccups. Launch Your Offer Launch your offer by paying the Warrior Forum, when you are ready. Send another note to your affiliates wishing them luck-- you can even announce prizes and special things you will do if they reach a certain number of sales. Day Six Monitor Everything Respond to all customer service inquiries and be on hand to take care of any technical hiccups. Be present in your WSO thread-- this generates additional interest! Continue Adding Affiliates Continue getting affiliates on board. It’s even easier when you have some sales data to back you up. You’ll find that affiliates start requesting approval as well-- success begets more success. Day Seven Launch Off the Warrior Forum This won’t necessarily happen on day seven, but I definitely recommend you end your WSO after a week or so and move it off the Warrior Forum. So many marketers make the mistake of letting their offer ‘die’ on the Warrior Forum, never to be seen again. Move it to your own domain, register it with Clickbank, sell it as an Earn 1K a Day special offer, and so on. Do whatever you need to do to soak every last bit of profit from it-- it’s a valuable product. You want as many people to see it as possible.

How Content Helps You To Increase Your Income

How Content Helps You To Increase Your Income

Creating a lot of great content can help you increase your income. Hopefully, you can see the connection between traffic and income. The more traffic you get to your products, the more money you’re likely to make. Creating content can also help increase your income in ways that are less obvious than that. Creating a lot of content can help you grow your list, for example. When you focus on growing your email list, you can focus on growing relationships, which improves your conversions and therefore your sales. You’ll get more traffic and more eyes on your offers, which makes you more money overall. Again, the more content you have out there, the more familiar people will become with you. That means they’ll be much more likely to buy from you. In addition to having content increase your income for those reasons, having a lot of content out on the web can also increase your passive income. Content can act as sort of salespeople and advocates driving traffic to your products and web properties. So even if you’re not actively working, you can be actively earning. You don’t have to trade hours for dollars anymore. You can build true wealth by building up a passive income – and having a lot of content under your brand is the path forward to that goal. Creating lots of great content can help your business snowball and grow. Yes, it can be hard getting started from nothing. It can seem daunting if you have no content out there at all. If you just have a little bit of content right now, it can seem impossible to get momentum. Maybe you start and stop and write an article here and there and that’s it.
Well, the past is in the past. The 5X10 method is going to help you get your momentum… and fast. It will allow you to grow your business much more quickly than you’ve experienced before. 

Method Eight: Cashing in On Hot Topics
Internet marketers are an interesting bunch. They are always into the next best thing. You hear a lot of people talking about ‘shiny object syndrome’... always wanting more, more, more. That’s because there are so many exciting opportunities in the marketing space. It’s always changing. What worked years ago may not work now, or it works in a different way. What was hot two years ago may not be what is hot right now. That’s part of what makes it fun...and you’re going to profit from the need marketers have to find easier, better ways of earning money from home. You’re going to use some simple research techniques to get to the heart of what Internet marketers are eating up right now so you can create a quick product about it. This is a passionate and desperate audience that is already primed to buy new products that can help them earn more money or boost their business in some way. It doesn’t matter whether you have a ton of experience or not-- it’s best if you do, but you’ll be a ‘reporter and researcher’ if you do not. This is a strategy anyone can use to cash in with products. I want to note that it’s not always a good thing that marketers lose their focus and buy new products. Some might feel they are taking advantage of marketers who possibly buy too many products. But, I don’t think you can look at it that way. You’re going to present them with something that will be very helpful to them. You can’t force them to actually use your product or follow through with what you describe. Your only role in this is to do a good job with the product. IM’ers are going to buy a lot of info on the latest and greatest marketing technique, so it may as well be a quality product from you. Scared because you’ve never created a product of your own before? Don’t be. There is a first time for everything and you have a fire under your 2 bum right now to earn some fast cash. You’re motivated and I’m going to detail a method that will make it easy for you.
The first part of this will be figuring out what the hot topics are right now. You can’t choose something that was ‘the thing’ 6 months ago and expect to get a lot of sales. At this point, you want to go with the crowd. You know how it feels like you get a dozen emails a day promoting one technique or way of making money? That’s because smart marketers figure out ways to quickly cash in on these trends. You’re going to follow the money (which is what every smart marketer does), but you’re going to add a twist. You’re going to create a product that is unlike anything else out there. There are several ways to do this, and none of them are hard, so stay tuned until we get to the section on brainstorming. You are going to get affiliates on your side by giving them an offer they can’t refuse. There are many marketers out there, with lists big and small, that are always interested in promoting a product related to a super-hot topic. I’ll get into the full daily breakdown of this method, but here is an overview so you know what’s to come: ● Research and find a ‘hot’ topic ● Come up with a unique angle that will excite people ● Choose one of 3 product creation techniques: case study/research, unique method, ‘borrowing expertise’ (aka, conducting an interview with an expert) ● Get affiliates on board, while you create the product ● Write the sales copy, prepare affiliate template emails ● Set the launch date and time ● Launch your Warrior Special Offer ● Promote your offer while continuing to get affiliates on board ● Launch in other spots off the Warrior Forum (Earn 1K a Day, Clickbank, etc.)
What You Need You don’t need much for this-- except for a Warrior Forum account and the willingness to spring for the payment to post your ad. If you choose to do an interview, you’ll need Skype and recording software. I suspect you’ll already have most of the things you need to make this method happen. Day One The first day is dedicated to research and decision making. You might have a great idea of what you can create a product around, but it’s important to do research to make sure. You want to earn money this week, which means tackling a topic that’s just about guaranteed to make sales. Research a hot topic and come up with a unique angle that will excite people. Not sure how to do that? Let’s get started... Starting Your Research Whether you love the place or not, the Warrior Forum is the best place to figure out what Internet marketers are buzzing about. It’s a very active forum and some of the biggest names in Internet marketing choose to launch their products there. The Warrior Special Offer section is a particularly good spot to start your research. The Warrior Special Offer section is where marketers offer special deals on Internet marketing products. This section gets a lot of browsers...and buyers. Some WSO’s fall flat on their face. Others do extremely well-- sometimes earning the product creator thousands of dollars. The most successful WSO’s have earned their creators the equivalent of what many people earn from their day job in a year. It’s funny how things work out. Whether you’ve ever run a WSO or not, now is the time. Starting your research in the WSO section will serve double duty, you’ll learn a lot about what people tend to sell and how you might present yourself as a product 4 creator in that marketplace. You’ll also hit upon topics you can cash in on this week. You can search the Warrior Special Offers section itself: But it might be easiest for you to just look at the top sellers at the WSO archive, here: Browse through the top sellers from today, yesterday, and over the past 7 days. Check out the top sellers for the whole month. Do you see some common threads? You might notice that there is more than one hot topic in the best selling section. In that case, I suggest you go for the one you have the most knowledge about or interest in. This research really doesn’t have to take that long-- if a certain topic is a consistently hot seller, you can bet it has the potential to be a hot seller for you as well. Now...choose your topic. Finding a Unique Angle You may have noticed throughout your research that just because a product is related to a ‘hot’ topic, does not mean it becomes a bestseller. There are a variety of factors that go into that designation. One of which is affiliate support. You’re going to get affiliate support, but you want your product to get noticed on its own and from your other promotional efforts. That’s why you have to find the delicate balance between going with what already works and standing out in the crowd. You need to find a unique spin or angle you can take for your product that will set it apart. Visit the threads of the best selling products. Take a look at what’s included in the products and the types of comments people left. Take notes-- this will come in handy later. 5 Do people consistently mention something they love or would love to see? That’s a huge hint that you can fill in those holes in the market. What would you want to see, as a consumer? Be creative and get inspired-- I find that setting a deadline for myself brings me a lot of creativity. I’m forced to cut through the mind-clutter, and the needless hemming and hawing, to make a decision. Remember that you’re not creating a mega-course or anything like that. Your product will take under three days to create (yes, you can do it). Go with the one-problem, one-solution method when you settle on your product angle. Here is an example: Hot topic-- Offline marketing Subtopic-- Offline marketing/selling websites without cold calls Unique angle-- How to Get 10 Offline Business Clients By the End of the Week With No Cold Calling Do not take longer than today to choose your product topic and your unique angle-- I know you can do it. Day Two Now it’s time to get down to business! It’s time to choose which type of product would be best suited to the angle you’ve chosen. As you make your decision, think about the time you have available, your level of expertise, and what you think would lend itself best to those who buy your product. The three product types I recommend for ‘fast product creation’ are: ● Case study or research ● Unique method you’ve developed ● Borrowing expertise 6 Case Study or Research This is the method to use if you aren’t totally familiar with the topic or method yourself. There is a lot of value in a product someone has put together after thorough research. You can also report on case studies of success from around the web. You will never present things as if you are the expert-- you will make it clear the product is a result of extensive research and analysis. As with anything, it’s all in how you frame the offer. For instance, let’s say you’re writing a product about how to quickly flip niche affiliate sites...but you don’t know the first thing about it yourself. No worries, you can go to, look up Turnkey websites, analyze what sets successfully sold sites apart from others, and present your findings in a report. Those who are interested in site flipping will gladly pay for this information. You’ll frame your findings about each site or seller as a case study. And yes, I hear you asking, can’t people find this information themselves by visiting the same sites that I’m visiting, doing the same research I’m doing? Of course, but… People are willing to pay for anything that saves them time, makes things easier, or makes them more money. Use this product creation technique if it suits your niche and if you don’t have personal experience.

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