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Cashing in On Hot Topics

Cashing in On Hot Topics 

People are willing to pay for anything that saves them time, makes things easier, or makes them more money. Use this product creation technique if it suits your niche and if you don’t have personal experience. Unique Method You’ve Developed You do things differently than anyone else. You have a unique background and a unique way of thinking. Say you’ve been trying a technique for a while with success-- it might seem old hat or obvious to you...but it won’t be to others. You can create a product that details your method. Really break it down for them and make sure it’s something they haven’t seen or thought about before. People will be thrilled if you give them a better way of doing things that helps them succeed with the latest and greatest Internet marketing topic. Don’t sell yourself short-- you have great insight that can really help people.
Borrowing Expertise There are many people making money online-- some quietly and others not so quietly. If you personally know someone succeeding with a hot topic, it definitely makes sense to interview them about it. They’ll get exposure and you’ll get to sell a product. You could even split the profits or come up with some other kind of JV partnership. Get someone on Skype for an hour, record it, create worksheets and a mini report around what they say, and you’ve got a product. What to Do Once You’ve Chosen Your Method What do you do after you’ve chosen your style of product? It’s time to take action and get it done and polished off. This will ideally take you no longer than three days to complete-- money loves speed. Your product can be:
 ● An ebook ● 
A report ● 
A recording ●
 A series of worksheets ●
 A video 
● ...anything you want it to be or a combination of the above
The quickest thing to do is an audio recording... but the most common thing is an ebook. Consider your talents and what you think your audience will go for. You can add a lot of value by offering more than one thing in your package. But...How? This might be pretty intimidating if you haven’t done these things before. How do you write an ebook? What should your product include? I learn best by following the lead of others. 
You’re reading an ebook right now, for example. Are there clues you can take from this book? Think about how I’ve structured it and organized it. Think about the tone I’m using-- a friendly tone, I hope. Start by breaking down what you want to say in chapters. Have an introduction, a middle (with all of your important points), and a conclusion. Don’t know how to make a video? Then don’t do it, for now. Focus on what you do know how to do or can easily learn. I do think just about anyone can get a Skype call going and recorded. Break out of your comfort zone just a little, but not so much that you’re overwhelmed this week. Most people reading this will do best by writing an ebook (over 5,000 words) or a report (under 5,000 words). Now, get to work! Many people can write an ebook in a day if they put their mind to it and have everything organized ahead of time. Create your outline, take notes and add thoughts, and the book will practically write itself when it comes time.
Start to Get Affiliates on Board Start contacting affiliates now that you have a solid plan for your product. You don’t have anything to show them quite yet, but you might get on a promotional calendar or two if you present things the right way. Talk up the value their readers will get, how there is nothing else like this on the market, how good of a fit it is for their own marketing, etc. It’s all about the affiliate when you contact them. Never send out a form letter-- this should be personal, relationship-building interaction. It’s even better if you already have a relationship with the person. How do you find affiliates? Talk to the marketing friends you know who have lists. Be friendly and mention you’d love to send them a copy of the product when it’s finished and that you’d love to have them on board. Note that the commission will be quite good, even if you haven’t totally settled on what that is right now.
Look back at the products that inspired you to create your own. These product owners are bound to have lists that are very highly targeted to your product. Learn more about them and contact them (email is best-- pm’s often go unchecked) with a personal message about how your product might be a good fit. Make sure you have your launch day in mind-- hopefully under one week from now. You’ll continue to gather affiliates as you finish your product-- you can never have too many people lined up to promote for you.
Day Three Continue creating your product. Are you stuck on any part of it? Look at products you’ve purchased in the past for inspiration. Do some more research-- finding a new bit of information to add to your product can really be inspiring. Most importantly of all, make sure you’ve done enough planning before you start to write. So many people think they can just sit down and type an ebook from the top of their heads. Some people can do this, but not many-- and then only if they know the topic exceptionally well. Create a very detailed outline if you haven’t already. It really does make everything go much more smoothly. Do all of your thinking before you write and you won’t have to stress, think, and stew when it actually comes time to write or create. Continue contacting potential affiliates. Some will say no, some won’t respond, and some will have their promotions planned already. That’s okay-- don’t take any of it personally. Some will say yes. Also, don’t leave out the marketers with smaller, yet highly targeted, lists. They can get you some great sales, and it all adds up. Day Four Continue working on your product, if you did not finish it over the past couple of days.
The rest of your time should be spent on the early, technical steps of running the offer. You have some decisions to make. Write Your Sales Copy Your product has been created, but now you need to convince people to buy it. Writing killer sales copy is the name of the game. I recommend you exclude the hype when you do this, but you can look at related offers on the Warrior Forum for inspiration. Some of them are way over the top, but you’ll get a feel for WSO sales copy in general. I’ve posted this in previous sections, but here again is the basic rundown of how to write great copy: Prehead-- Write a short line (around 5 words) hitting on their problem, passion, or desire Headline-- Write a short headline, in quotes, in larger text than the rest, that hits on the main benefit of your offer (Hint: it’s a hot topic and they can make a ton of money). Posthead-- Emphasize what you’re providing. Introduction with a problem-- This is a write it like one. What is their problem? Really drive that problem or desire home and how it is currently out of their reach. Story with an “I understand” tone-- Share your own story, how you learned to do this (hint: you stumbled on this need at the Warrior Forum or wherever and saw that everyone needed it). You want them to feel like you are already a trusted friend who is going to help them with their problem. How you found your solution or came across the solution-- Share the awesome solution you found and that you’re offering. What you’re offering-- What your offer is and why it’s unbeatable Why this is the best thing for them-- Why this is unlike anything else, why it’s a must-have, why it’s worth so much more than you’re charging Close the offer with a great deal of scarcity and a fantastic price Sign your name and that you’re excited to hear their success story Add a P.S. that shares the benefits, scarcity, and super low price again 11 The most important thing is that you have a picture of your potential buyers in your mind. Hit on the emotions of what they need, want, and are desperate for. How Much is Your Product? It’s tough to tell you how much you should charge for your product-- it varies so much. Generally, though, you’ll find WSO offers for $5-27. It greatly depends on how known you are, what the niche is, what the product includes, and who you have pulling for you as an affiliate. Most will want to stay around $9 or so-- you want it high enough that affiliates will promote. You also need to consider the affiliate split. On a $9 product, you’ll want to give them 60%-75% or more. They’ll be further enticed by the upsell. Hopefully, conversions will be so good that more affiliates will hop on board without you even asking them to. What is Your Upsell? You need a great upsell for the offers you run on the Warrior Forum. You’re clearly not going to retire on the money you earn if you have a $9 product and are giving most of the profit away to affiliates. Consider offering a coaching or email help upsell-- you’ll offer people personal help on the method you’ve presented. Or, you can acquire PLR or resale rights to something highly related. Another idea is to strike up a JV partnership with someone who has a higher-end product on a similar product. It will be your upsell and you further split the profits with them. You need to work out the details and make sure it’s a good fit. No matter what, your upsell needs to offer a very clear value.
Plan for the Technical Details The technical details often hold people up and even scare them off when it comes to product creation. Don’t let that happen to you. You’re running a WSO, so you can easily use Warrior Plus to host your offer, deliver your product, and track your affiliates. JVZoo is an alternative. Visit both of these, look at their features, and go with the one that works for you. I will say that JVZoo will let you promote off the Warrior Forum with a simple URL change, while Warrior Plus will only work on the Warrior Forum. This will be important to you when you follow my advice of eventually taking your product off the Warrior Forum. It is also very important that you integrate your autoresponder service (either aWeber or GetResponse) with whichever one you choose. Both have great help documents, so use them (and watch the videos) if you get hung up on any part of this process. Submit Your Sales Page to the Warrior Forum The Warrior Forum requires approval before they will post a WSO. Go to the WSO section, start a new thread, post your sales letter, and follow their instructions for paying for your WSO when it is approved and it is time. Do not pay until you are ready to go live. Day Five Get Everything Ready for Affiliates Remind your affiliates of your launch day and time. Consider writing template emails they can adjust to send out to their lists-- the less work for them, the better. 13 Also, send them the JVZoo or Warrior+ link so they can register as an affiliate. You want everything ready to go with no hiccups. Launch Your Offer Launch your offer by paying the Warrior Forum, when you are ready. Send another note to your affiliates wishing them luck-- you can even announce prizes and special things you will do if they reach a certain number of sales. Day Six Monitor Everything Respond to all customer service inquiries and be on hand to take care of any technical hiccups. Be present in your WSO thread-- this generates additional interest! Continue Adding Affiliates Continue getting affiliates on board. It’s even easier when you have some sales data to back you up. You’ll find that affiliates start requesting approval as well-- success begets more success. Day Seven Launch Off the Warrior Forum This won’t necessarily happen on day seven, but I definitely recommend you end your WSO after a week or so and move it off the Warrior Forum. So many marketers make the mistake of letting their offer ‘die’ on the Warrior Forum, never to be seen again. Move it to your own domain, register it with Clickbank, sell it as an Earn 1K a Day special offer, and so on. Do whatever you need to do to soak every last bit of profit from it-- it’s a valuable product. You want as many people to see it as possible.

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